Your Favorite European-Style Winery

My wife and I raised our children, work and play in the 425 area code; located in the suburbs east of Seattle. Our 425 community has shaped who we are today. In celebration of this, we honor the various cities and landmarks in the 425 area code. We hope you enjoy our wine and experience the richness of friends and family while making lasting memories.

We are not trying to imitate wines from other regions, but instead, look for grape varietals from award winning Washington vineyards that result in wines which could not be made anywhere else.

Our winemaking goal is to produce European style wines that highlight Washington state’s fruit. The wines are lower in alcohol, higher in acidity and made to enjoy with foods.

So pack in a few bottles and enjoy at a BBQ, hiking, going on a bike ride, hanging out at the lake or enjoying with friends and family.


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