Heavenly Syrah Review (April 2020)

Heavenly Syrah

I think of wines as having two parts: structure and ornamentation.

It is like a building or an automobile. The structure is the foundation and the ornamentation are all the bells and whistles.

Structure in wine is the balance of three things:

  • Acids
  • Tannins
  • Alcohol/Sugar/Other

To have mouthfeel without bitterness is the sign of a top-notch wine and this is just that.

Ornamentation is all the tastes and smells you get.

There is not a lot of ornamentation except for some oak. It is hard to distinctly identify the varietal character. That can be from overripe grapes or grapes that ripened quickly or otherwise did not “suffer” enough. This is very common for “new world” red wines.

You may consider what some highly rated wineries do is start with grapes like this with big structure and then you ornament it with very pretty (and expensive) new French oak. That oak would overwhelm a weaker wine but, on this structure, it makes for Parker scores in the 97 range and sells for $50+.

All this being said, this Syrah has a very solid structure. The mouthfeel is big. It is well balanced. I don’t taste acids, but if I specifically look for them… yes, there they are. Also, I don’t taste tannins, but if I specifically look for them… yes, there they are. Further, the color is great!  These are all characteristics of a great wine.

– Charles Z. (April 2020)