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Back again is our double gold award winning Albarino. With nice weather and moods on the way, we wanted to keep this one enjoyable and fitting for all occasions. Notes of tree and stone fruits give the aromas as complexity that is easy to fall in love with! With flavors of honey crisp apple and Asian pear make our Albarino perfect to enjoy on its own, or on the table accompanying a great meal! 

Foods to Pair: Tuna, Seabass, Salmon, Spicy pork; baked chicken; seared shrimp
Suggested Dish: Marinated and Seared Asian Ahi Tuna Salad or Shrimp Mozambique

Price $25.00


Everyone has heard of the infamous Bordeaux and its esteemed red wines of the left and right banks. But most have never heard of the beauty of white Bordeaux! Staying true to form with drawing our inspiration of European styles wines, we wanted to bring this unknown blend to your glass! Nuances of ripe pear, nectarine and hazelnut with balanced minerality, unlocking it tastes of white peach, apricot and white plum make this a versatile and tantalizing wine that is as lovely as it is interesting!

Foods to Pair: Tuna, Seabass, Salmon, Spicy pork; baked chicken; seared shrimp
Suggested Dish: Marinated and Seared Asian Ahi Tuna Salad or Shrimp Mozambique

Price $25.00


Our rose is a ready for the warmer weather as you are! Luscious notes of raspberry and red plums, with a slight minerality encircled with tangy watermelon. Tastes of a delicious strawberries and cream with a feel of delicate effervescence give our rose a cool, crisp and refreshing feeling that is ready for summer on the porch!

Foods to Pair: Grilled vegetables and seafood
Suggested Dish: Grilled king salmon with sautéed zucchini

Price $21.00


Honing it from it’s roots in Rioja, Spain, Tempranillo has divulged its roots deep in Washington! A big and bold wine, that to the nose, nuances of red and black fruits are prominent. Accompanied with hints of vanilla and minerality. When on the palate, you are greeted with fresh red raspberry, red currant, and smoke with the perfect amount of tannins that are soft and excellently rounded.

Foods to Pair: Meats with high fat content such as lamb, pork and chorizo
Suggested Dish: Mexican Albondigas in Salsa Rojo

Price $30.00


Inspired by the left bank of France, we assure you that nothing will be left in your glass after you try this wine! We have all heard people say “big cab” but sometimes we want something that is great and doesn’t have to overwhelm or punch you in the face! Bouquets of red and dark fruits with a pinch of jalapeno to add some spice. Perfectly balanced tastes of dark cherry, prune and cedar that pairs with incredible roundness of lower tannins and great acidity! Enjoy this wine all on its own or with a meal!

Foods to Pair: Grilled, seared or BBQ meats
Suggested Dish: Seared top sirloin with rosemary garlic butter

Price $35.00


In a true classic Bordeaux style, we have found the perfect medium between the right and left banks! Our Heritage blend is one that holds it own while still being very approachable. With smells of red cherries, blackberries melding into the intoxicating aromas of baking spices that showcases all the senses. All of which get your appetite going with tastes of fresh marionberries and red plums and a touch of vanilla accompanied with dark chocolate.

Suggested dish: Poached Salmon with Mousseline Sauce. Suggested Pairings: Grilled/seared seafood or light meat dishes.

Price $33.00


We all have our perception of what we taste and feel when we hear the benevolent word, Syrah. We assure you, that this is nothing like you are accustomed to! Our aim was to create a Syrah that would go lovely with food, but yet soft and approachable enough to just relax and have a glass! Aromas lush blackberry, currant, smoke, cigar box and a touch of chocolate, with tastes of dried black fruits, spices and baking dark chocolate.

Foods to Pair: Smoked or barbequed meats
Suggested Dish: Oven Braised Veal Stew

Price $45.00

*All notes & pairings were created in conjunction with the winemaker and James Vazquez ( Certified Sommelier)
**All pictures credited to Evan Barnidge