Our Wines


Originally hailing from Bordeaux, Semillon is springing up in more varied locations around the world such as the case in Washington. Semillon exhibits lemon, apple, stone fruit, white florals, and beeswax. Semillon has been called “liquid gold” on more than one occasion, and it really is that delicious. Beaux Arts in French means “Fine Arts” and we believe this wine is a finely crafted artful wine you will enjoy!

Suggested Dish: Seared scallops, shrimp, and other richer seafood dishes work beautifully with it. Semillon also works well with highly seasoned dishes; think milder curries, autumnal spices, and high-toned herbs like sage and fennel. 

Price $20.00


Fragrances of fresh strawberries and cherry that hit the palette with a perfect balance of fruits and vanilla

Foods to Pair: Meats with high fat content such as lamb, pork and chorizo Suggested Dish: Mexican Albondigas in Salsa Rojo

Price $35.00


Keeping with our heritage of making a great wine that goes well with desired foods that come with the cooler weather, the Heritage will be perfect on your holiday table! Invigorating traces of currants, smoked meats and pepper that reveal tastes of vanilla and pomegranate.

Foods to Pair: Smoked meats/ game meat

Suggested Dish: Grilled king salmon with sautéed zucchini

Price $35.00


We all have our perception of what we taste and feel when we hear the benevolent word, Syrah. We assure you, that this is nothing like you are accustomed to! Our aim was to create a Syrah that would go lovely with food, but yet soft and approachable enough to just relax and have a glass! Aromas lush blackberry, currant, smoke, cigar box and a touch of chocolate, with tastes of dried black fruits, spices and baking dark chocolate.

Foods to Pair: Smoked or barbequed meats
Suggested Dish: Oven Braised Veal Stew

Price $45.00

*All notes & pairings were created in conjunction with the winemaker and James Vazquez ( Certified Sommelier)
**All pictures credited to Evan Barnidge